Rather than simply focusing on teaching punches and kicks, our students learn the mechanics for developing a mastery of movement. And rather than simply providing a means for conditioning or sport, we instill skill in mindfulness and organizational management for peak performance and lifelong success. At ISD, we provide a learning formula for life. 

ISD Is pleased to announce that we also specialize in addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties and functional challenges. Using a one-of-a-kind program that was developed by Dr. Paul Picciano, ISD's Founder, we help resolve challenges brought about by low self-confidence and poor self-esteem, lack of focus, coordination and gait issues, ADD, and poor performance in traditional classroom settings; and based on our considerable knowledge and experience in teaching and principles of mind - body interactions during movement, and with the belief that each individual is unique and has a value in society, we offer a separate, state of the art program for helping children with Autism develop skills for expression and communication for living a better and normalized life.